Creating balance in a home of styles, colors, and textures can be challenging.

Recently a client inherited a family home that hadn’t been renovated since the late 90’s – it needed a facelift in a serious way.


The client wanted to keep some of the charm of this traditional spanish style home, but add some modern touches. It was important to her, to be able to blend the two styles together, without the modern style becoming too overpowering.

MJ Studio was up for the challenge to create a beautiful balance act of spanish style and modernism.

One of our specialties is helping homeowners discover their design style with a unique blend of their color, texture, pattern, and style preferences to create a cohesive feel and look in the home.

We opened the main living area to create a balance and flow of a soft modern look with a splash of color.

The family now has the perfect balance they were looking for to keep the charm of their childhood memories intact, with a new background to create new ones.

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